Theatre-Game, 2017-18

venue: Sewoon Building area, Seoul, South Korea

duration: 55-60minutes 

It is an immersive theatre combined with a mobile app and game format. 

Audiences are asked to download the app on their mobile phone and turn on once they arrive at the starting location. 

The mobile application consists of text message window and a map in the main interface. 

It also includes various functions: a code scanner, VR viewer, sound player and AR.

It starts with a text message from a 17 years old girl called ‘Bahn’ migrated from the North. 

She asks audiences for help to find her way out. 

As the theatre-game continues, the audience explores every corner of 60’s brutal buildings and narrow back allies of the town 

chasing her traces and life story with a few hints given in her texts. 

The places and certain milestones the audience passes by are related to Bahn’s past and memories. 

As each mission is cleared, Bahn gets younger by year and eventually she becomes ten. 

Written and Directed by Eunju Hitchcock-Yoo

Creative-Technical Director: Do One Im

App Developed by Dokyun Kim and Bummo Gu

Producer: Jae Yong Kim

Assis. Producer: Hyunjung Lee

Accountant: Eedo Kim

Dramaturg: Sung Ah Cho

Choreographed by Esl Kim

Sound Designed by Hyosun Cha

Scenography: Hyerim Kim

VR image: Suhyun Hwang

Graphic Design: OSC Studio

Immersive Performance guided by Mobile Application, 2016

Four People and Four Different Journeys

 The story begins in an abandoned house in the center of Namdaemun. 

The personal lives of four people, between the ages of 20 and 70, who lived in this house between 1953 and 2005, represent the modern history and social turbulence of the period. This participatory performance is joined by the audience, who set off on a journey selected from 4 different stories, utilizing the map, story, music and radio drama offered on their mobile phones. Each journey corresponds to the richness of installation, sound, video and live performance in every corner of Bukchang-dong. 

Writtend and Directed by Eunju Hitchcock-Yoo

Producer: Eado Kim

Composer and Sound Designer: Orovil

Visual Artists: Hoonye Kim, Heryon Choi, Han Gyul Kim

Movement Designer: Sung Ah Cho

Performers: Young Hyun Kim, Sunjun Park, Seung Eun Im, Jieun Ju

*More information in Korean ->

                                                                                                                                                     Filmed by Yunwoo Park

 Site Specific Performance and Video Installation (2016):

 It searches choreographic movements that spontaneously response to a specific site: its architectural structure, objects, texture, atmosphere, users(residents and passers by), time(lights), weather, and direction and speed of users movements. 

This project creates moving images from improvisational movements in a mews in East London.

They act as audience instructions for a participatory performance.


 It adapts the poem 'Crow Eyes View' which was written in 1930's, Korea under Japanese occupation and the Greater East Asia War. The poem depicts confusion and unpredictability arisen from the rapid social changes under the modernization and colonization. The poem has a clear asymmetric structure resembling the modern architectures, which is in contrast to its dominant lingual image of ambiguity. I believe the images implied in the poem could be still reflected upon the sentiment of today.


 The poem is read throughout the film acting as a sound effect and a song:

Poem No. 1

13 Children Rush down a Street.
(A dead end alley is Suitable.)

The 1st Child says it's frightening.
The 2nd Child says it's frightening.
The 3rd Child says it's frightening.
The 4th Child says it's frightening.
The 5th Child says it's frightening.
The 6th Child says it's frightening.
The 7th Child says it's frightening.
The 8th Child says it's frightening.
The 9th Child says it's frightening.
The 10th Child says it's frightening.
The 11th Child says it's frightening.
The 12th Child says it's frightening.
The 13th Child says it's frightening.

13 Children were gathered together like that as either frightening or frightened.
(The absence of any other Condition was highly preferable.)

If Amongst them 1 Child is a frightening Child it’s fine.
If Amongst them 2 Children are frightening Children it's fine.
If Amongst them 2 Children are frightened Children it's fine.
If Amongst them 1 Child is a frightened Child it's fine.
(A through street is Suitable.)
Even if 13 Children do not Rush down the Street it's fine.

The mews_work in progress from Eunju Yoo on Vimeo.


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