Project 2010-2011: Utopian Village Tour

Theatre version_01

there is an utopian village called 'Obok-dong' hidden in the wild nature unreachable by the greedy outer community.
as like the cliche in the oriental tales of the paradise (or 'the world in the other side'), the village is situated in the end of 
long narrow cave. a few runaways settled down here to make their own 'ideal community' about 30 years ago.
they tried to make the village self-sufficient, perfectly equaled, eco-friendly and harmonious within their humanity scheme.
they started building houses and cultivating the fields.
within a few years, they realized they need hospitals and schools. they started building hospitals and schools in the village.
a few months later, they needed doctors, pharmacists, teachers and more labourers. 
and money.
how can they make money to set up the perfect society?
brain stormed.


let's make the village pretty and bring the tourists. 
advertising it 'Extraordinary Opportunity to See the Unveiled Paradise!'

the theatre piece would start from this point. 

gather the 25 audiences=tourists in the middle of the street. -150M away from the theatre.
the tour guide leads the people to the village=stage. on the way, they would encounter a few villagers who came out to buy the gadgets. at the entrance, there is a mouth of the long tube. tourists have to crawl into it to enter the paradise in the other side......

this is a combination of the street performance and black box play. 

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