Moriya Fantasy, Four Chanel Video Installation, DV 720x480, 31 mins,  2012

 For the project in ARCUS, I worked with a group of women in their 30s and 40s who have families in Moriya. I organized a series of workshop that started from describing their daily lives to eventually exploring their inner world that is otherwise remained untold. In doing so, I attempted to delineate the anxiety and inner conflict hidden in the women’s psyche, who are living ideal family lives. Each of them, including the artist, weaved a various forms of narratives – of their actual experience, imagination, rumor – into a script.

I created an abstract folding screen as the background, incorporating elements from Japanese domestic houses or architecture. There, women’s voices are telling their own stories. They seem to be having a conversation with each other, while at the same time it looks as if the voices are reaching nowhere.


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