Immersive Performance guided by Mobile Application, 2016

Four People and Four Different Journeys

 The story begins in an abandoned house in the center of Namdaemun. 

The personal lives of four people, between the ages of 20 and 70, who lived in this house between 1953 and 2005, represent the modern history and social turbulence of the period. This participatory performance is joined by the audience, who set off on a journey selected from 4 different stories, utilizing the map, story, music and radio drama offered on their mobile phones. Each journey corresponds to the richness of installation, sound, video and live performance in every corner of Bukchang-dong. 

Writtend and Directed by Eunju Hitchcock-Yoo

Producer: Eado Kim

Composer and Sound Designer: Orovil

Visual Artists: Hoonye Kim, Heryon Choi, Han Gyul Kim

Movement Designer: Sung Ah Cho

Performers: Young Hyun Kim, Sunjun Park, Seung Eun Im, Jieun Ju

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                                                                                                                                                     Filmed by Yunwoo Park

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