I began my artistic career as a visual artist. I have worked on moving images and live performances combined with narratives, animation, body movements and participatory processes. I initially studied sculpture and subsequent to that, I completed an MA in Design by Independent Project to pursue my plan of experimenting and fulfilling ideas of multi- disciplinary public art forms. I have showcased and performed a few street performances alongside gallery exhibitions and film screenings. Most of my works contain sequential or theatrical elements.

In the last few years, I have been working on immersive theatre combined with mobile technology. Therefore my recent interest is naturally laid in utilising new communication tools for artistic creations in public space and designing new methods of engaging audiences.

Space, mobile communication and users are the three main categories that I am majorly concerned about.

In terms of space, public domains in urban space are mainly resourced to stage a piece; from architectural structure, political purpose, users, functions, tension, scale and flow, time, lights, dominating sentiments to stories. Sites on research become platforms to present the artistic results.

Alongside the interaction with public sites and realms, storytelling is a distinctive part of my work. It is essential for communication, especially on a mobile device. I find it motivates a user(=audience) to engage, to explore and to actively response to the works.

Both, users of a space and of mobile device, are equally interesting subjects. Certain features of a space reflect its users mental and bodily reactions through times. The layers of collision between the Establishments(=planners) and people(=users) accumulated in the space draw my eyes and become a core narrative of my work. The mobile users are targeted audiences of my work. The pattern of their habitual use on mobile phone is the basis of application design and development. 

 In the few years of my early career, I had dealt with subjects related to desire and fear which usually come together. 

I was interested in how they were broke out and developed in personal relationships, behaviours, social events, systems, and customs. These subjects were mostly contemplated throughout the series of early video projects with various materials: a funeral and ancient tomb mural, traumatic memories and obsessions, sexual minority, unforgettable dreams, trivial but harmful behaviours in relationships, and common villains.

In those subjects, I also tried to deliver stories from my surroundings, people living in rigidly competitive society, and questions upon them.

Eunju Hitchcock-Yoo

Contact Info

+44 (0)7704 223048





1 Upper Hayes Road



GL6 0ED U.K.                                                                               


Date of Birth  

24 Aug 1979



Solo Exhibitions

2016  ‘(13+11+15)*3 Children’, Hanmi Gallery, South Korea

2010  ‘Such Great Battles’, Insa Art Space, South Korea

2009  ‘Atatta Utatta’,Sarubia Dabang, Seoul, South Korea

Theatre and Performances (Directed and Choreographed)

2018  ‘Bahn’ (theatre- game), Sewoon building area, South Korea

2016  'The Strangers' Street' (Street Theatre with Mobile Application), Bukchangdong, Seoul, Korea 

2010  ‘Urban Dancing Band’(Dance Performance), Hi Seoul Festival, South Korea

         ‘Road to Obokdong’(Theatrical Performance), Seoul Marginal Theatre Festival, South Korea 


2009  ‘The Blinds’(Live Performance), KIAF(Korea International Art Fair)

         ‘Urban Dancing Band’(Dance Performance), Chuncheon Internatinal Mime Festival/ Gwacheon Hanmadang Festival

          / Uijeongbu Musical Theatre Festival, South Korea 

         ‘Bottari Project’(Live Performance), Café Gyahaha and various venues, South Korea

2008  ‘Urban Marching Band’(Dance Performance), 11th SIDance(Seoul International Dance Festival), South Korea

Selected Group Exhibitions and Screenings 

2017   ‘Playable City Seoul Weekend’, Seoul Architecture Biennale/ Watershed, Seoul, South Korea 

           'Sketch Open'

            Rabley Drawing Centre(Marlborough)Black Swan Arts(Frome), Plymouth College of Art, 

            Peter Scott Gallery(Lancaster University), U.K.

2015  'Love and Death', Walcot Street and Walcot Chapel, Fringe Arts Bath, Bath, U.K.

2013  ‘No Comment’, Museum of Art, Seoul National University, South Korea

2011  ‘Roundabout: Six Different Ways, Exhibition Curator, Gangdong Arts Centre, South Korea

2009   Emergency 4(Group Exhibition), Aspex, Portsmouth, U.K.

          Cream, International Festival for Arts and Media Yokohama 2009, Yokohama, Japan

         ‘Call09’(Group Exhibition), Luis Adelantado Gallery, Valencia, Spain

         Girls on Film(Screening), Bredford, U.K. 

2007  ‘Tim and Buttler, BBC SouthEast Today, U.K.



Artist in Residency


2012  Arcus Project Residency Programme, Moriya-Shi, Ibaraki, Japan

2010  COMP, Korea Contemporary Dance Association, South Korea

2009  Incheon Art Platform Pilot Programme, Incheon, South Korea

Awards & Grants


2017    Granted for 'Bahn' from Arts Council Korea

2016    Granted for ‘The Strangers’ Street' from SSAC(Seoul Street Arts Creation Centre), South Korea

2012    Full-Grant for Arcus Project Studio Programme, Moriya-Shi, Ibaraki, Japan

2011    Granted for Group Exhibition ‘Roundabout: Six Different Ways’ from Gandong-gu District Office, Seoul, South Korea

2009    Granted for Solo Exhibition ‘Such Great Battle' from Arts Council Korea

Emergency4 Final List, Aspex, Portsmouth, U.K.

           Granted for the ‘Bottari Project’ from Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

           Granted for Solo Exhibition ‘Atatta Utatta’ from Project Space Sarubia and Arts Council Korea

2008    Granted for the ‘Me, Dancing in Your Dream’ from Arts Council Korea

2007    Channel4 ‘4Talent Award’ Short list

2006    BBC SouthEast Untold Final list





2005-2006       MA Design by Independent Project,

University of Brighton, U.K.

1999-2003       BA Sculpture, Seoul National University, South Korea



Relevant Experience

2017          Coordinator of a Korean-British exchange programme Art and Disaster 

                  workshop and exhibition, SVA, Stroud, U.K/ Space BA, Seoul, South Korea

2003-2011 Illustrator for various printed media

2010         Translator, Summer Art Residency Programme,

      Space Beam, Incheon, South Korea

2008         Cinematographer

                of a documentary film about Contemporary Dance in South East Asia, ‘Your Contemporary, My Contemporary’ 

                Direted by Cho, Heekyung

200grid5         Production Assistant

      in a feature film production ‘Love House, Directed by Kim, Pansu, LJ Production

2001         Production Designer

                in a short film ‘New Millennium Gymnastics’, Directed by Gwon, Kyungwon

Drawing, pen on paper, 2520x1485mm, 2013 

 This is a work of imaginary journey heading to an ideal world. The floating objects, and splash and waves of ocean form a circular movement of which does not lead but back to where you begin.

  When I started working on this piece, I was on the process of settling down in new home in abroad. A new life from the ground made me think about the general intentions and results of migration and ideal worlds that people have been seeking. Would it exist somewhere? If it would not exist, what could be the end of this whole effort and process?
 The idea of Utopia has not been changed much for years and years. Does it mean our society is still under a same circumstances and conditions since Thomas More and unknown storytellers who had dreamed and told and written about those place of no-where but in their hearts?

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