Such Great Battles

6 Feb 2010-25 Feb 2010 at the Insa Art Space
3 floors video installation and live performance
about the common (tactful or tactical) evil deeds within the human community: deception, leaving out and distrust
Live performance was on 6, 12,13,19,20 Feb 2010.

the live performance is the 30mins guide of the exhibition led by two overly jolly girls.
they acted some typical characters representing the three categories of the evil deeds.

written and directed by Eunju Yoo
performers: Eunju Yoo, Minsun Park (+ AD)

눈먼자들 Blinds

Live performance, 54'00", 2009
venue: the Korea International Art Fair, COEX, Seoul
Director: Eunju Yoo
Performers: Minsun Park, Insun Kim, Eunju Yoo

Villains 2009
HD1280*720, 3'09", B&W

A sketch video that describes common villains around us. 
I sent an email with a question sheet to everyone in my address list asking if they knew anyone who could be called an 'evil' or 'villain'. If they have ones, what their typical facial expressions, habits, gestures, and attitudes are. The video is based on the research. 

Blinds (2009)

Live Performance
Venue: KIAF (Korea International Art Fair), COEX, Seoul, South Korea
Director: Eunju Yoo 
Performers: Minsun Park, Insun Kim, Eunju Yoo

The Villains
Performance Video, 3mins, HDV 1280x720
A study about the common villains in the daily life.

퍼포먼스 비디오, 3분, HDV1280x720
일상 속 악인들에 관한 조사.

<도시 춤악대>

라이브 퍼포먼스, 인사동/ 11회 서울국제무용축제 춤추는 도시 프로그램 2008/ 2009 의정부 음악극 축제/ 2009 춘천 마임축제/2009 과천 한마당/ 2010 하이서울 페스티벌
연출: 유은주
출연: 유은주, 정재헌, 이주희(2008), 박민선, 이환희, 정보연, 전호영, 전우영, 김미나/ 정보연(2009-2011), 이래경(2009), 조위상(2010-11)

관련 기사 링크:§ion=sc1§ion2=

 도시춤악대는 독일 우화 '브레멘 악대'의 캐릭터들과 그들의 여정을 도시공간과 현재 시점으로 재해석한 거리 춤공연이다. 무채색, 짧고 직선적며 반복적인 동작들은 도시의 선과 움직임을 반영하였으며, 우스꽝스럽고 실수 연발의 완벽하지 않은 캐릭터들은 브레멘 악대 우화에서 따 온 것이다. 이 공연은 우화-도시-일반적이거나 약간은 모자란 캐릭터-비전문 무용수-민속공연의 유형을 혼합해 작업하였다. 공연 속의 캐릭터들은 평범하거나 혹은 평범한 것에도 못미치는 인물들이지만 잠깐이나마 도시의 건조하고 반복적인 삶에 웃음과 쉬어가는 시간을 선사하고자 그들은 진지하고도 열심히 공연을 하고는 또 다른 여정을 위해 살며시 사라진다. 

2008년 서울국제무용축제를 초연으로 다수의 페스티발에서 2011년까지 공연되었다. 

Live Performance, 25-40mins, 2008-11 

Choreographed by Eunju Yoo
Performed by Eunju Yoo, Minsun Park, Jaeheon Jung, Joohee Lee(2008), Mina Kim, Hoyoung Jeon, Wooyoung Jeon, Boyeon Jung, Hwanhee Lee(2009), Raekyung Lee(2009), Wesang Jo(2010-11),

articles on the media:§ion=sc1§ion2=

 This street performance was motivated by German fable 'the Musician of Bremen' but, I wanted to have it reflected  nowness and urbanized forms as it was performed in city streets. Dance movements of this work has short and straight lines rather than curved forms and flowing lines. I thought stiff and straight lines are most visible elements of urban architecture and it should be reflected in the piece. 

 It was invited to Seoul International Dance Festival in 2008 as a part of street dance section and to many other festivals. 

 'Marching' is one of common and old form of folk dances and I liked the idea of having audience moved with performers. And its freedom of choice whether people would stay with a show or not.  

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